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So much of fighting styles training now’s made to prepare for tournament competition. Training for tournament competition produces a false feeling of confidence. The techniques are practiced and learned, but actual contact can often be considered illegal. If one never experienced actual contact they’ll have no reference for which to do if they’re ever struck. And if they’ve got never had the chance to deliver a full force punch or kick, they’ll not know what their capabilities are.

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In a street fight there are no rules. People often die or are seriously injured. Martial arts self-defense training must prepare one mentally and physically to disable an attack quickly and efficiently. If one is not properly prepared, panic can set in and diminish mental clarity. If techniques are carried out incorrectly you can fall into a worse situation and become badly injured.

The responses to threat and stress create several conditioned responses. When a victim is threatened, a disorder referred to as fight-or-flight syndrome occurs. The fight-or-flight syndrome is what determines how you will reply to a self-defense confrontation. To stand and defend oneself requires ability and confidence. Both of these, learned through extensive fighting techinques or self-defense training, provides the mandatory thought processes to get a correct response.

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The best usage of a mma fighters training is usually to do not be attacked. Many times it is best and advisable to strike first. If the aggressor tries to grab initiate an elbow strike, kick or knee before being grabbed. If they are approaching quickly, a palm heel for the chin or nose will slow them down. As always, a lot more a life threatening situation fighting styles techniques must be executed with maximum force to be effective at stopping an assault.

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