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Why is it that we train in so tough in martial arts? Why do we spend some time within our day to push inside us something most of us could not ever need to use in actual everyday life? We break our bones, pull ligaments, tear tendons, pull muscles, put up with neck pains, and simply mention a number of problems that happen soon after a tough day of training. We are constantly in discomfort when we wake up from a great work out. Though to me, it can be what I call a good/bad feeling. But, we certainly not quit, even if injured. Over the years I have personally lost a few teeth training, also as other parts. In a civilized world we all do this to keep up youth and health, if injuries occur, its just element of the game.

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Now most people keep their doors and windows locked at all times. Dead-bolt locks are becoming the top means of locking doors. Installing 2 or 3 dead-bolts per door isn’t uncommon. Although it is just not impossible to kick a door open, similar to the previous movies, it really is much more difficult with dead-bolts. The reason is, the dead-bolt, when engaged moves single inch or longer solid piece of metal bar in the door frame. Trying to activate a door now requires breaking a large portion of the door frame.

During a self-defense encounter, the fighting styles practitioner will be able to call upon these energies. It is accomplished by breathing deeply through the nose, forcing the air down into the hara. Then exhaling with the mouth forcefully, which has a kiai (a shout). The practice is empowering, and yes it restores a feeling of control. This type of breathing prepares anyone to control the physiological reactions, lastly manage your situation.

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Practicing within the martial arts dojo will give some sense regarding an average response. The partners needs different approaches while they train. As with any self-defense scenario more than one thought interrupting process may be required. The more of those techniques one knows the greater they can handle a real life encounter.

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