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Proper breathing techniques are essential for successfully executing any physical exercise. What does proper breathing require? Humans breathe ten to twelve times each and every minute. Each breath creates approximately one-half quart of air inside the lungs. Over the span of one minute, this makes up about approximately six quarts of air intake. Interestingly enough, most people breathe too fast and too shallow. Martial arts and self-defense training teaches the body as well as the mind proper breathing techniques.

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Now most of the people keep their doors and windows locked all the time. Dead-bolt locks have grown to be the most recognized method of locking doors. Installing two or three dead-bolts per door just isn’t uncommon. Although it is not impossible to kick a door open, such as the previous movies, it can be much more difficult with dead-bolts. The reason is, the dead-bolt, when engaged moves a 1 inch or longer solid bit of metal bar into the door frame. Trying to activate a door now requires breaking a sizable portion of the door frame.

The responses to threat and stress create several conditioned responses. When a victim is threatened, a common condition called the fight-or-flight syndrome occurs. The fight-or-flight syndrome is exactly what determines how you will respond to a self-defense confrontation. To stand and defend oneself requires ability and confidence. Both of these, learned through extensive martial arts or self-defense training, provides the necessary thought processes for any correct response.

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Blocking using the less dominant arm leaves the dominant, stronger arm available for defense. Using any one of many martial arts techniques with full force can render the aggressor defenseless. It can also present an escape opportunity. A punch towards the nose or throat or driving a finger, or fingers, in the eyes may cause a lot of pain. A kick to the shins, knees or groin can put them on the soil creating a dent to find a way.

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