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The 7 Kung Fu styles which inspired by animals

The hand-held makiwara is traditionally, a three-foot period of 2″ x 6″ board, wrapped with rope. There are floor-mounted and hanging versions also. Makiwara training teaches focus and directing energy inside a constructive direction. Focus requires coordination of the mind, body, and breathing techniques. The makiwari is solid, therefore the focus (or penetration) is greatly enhanced.

randy k li wing chun
Awards: Seven Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Now many people keep their doors and windows locked always. Dead-bolt locks have become the number one way of locking doors. Installing two or three dead-bolts per door isn’t uncommon. Although it isn’t impossible to kick a door open, like in that old movies, it can be much more difficult with dead-bolts. The reason is, the dead-bolt, when engaged moves a 1 inch or longer solid bit of metal bar in the door frame. Trying to start working a door now requires breaking a big portion of the door frame.

The best self-defense or martial arts training technique while confronting multiple attackers is always to quickly leave. Escaping the scene and becoming to some safe area medicine victim’s top priority. Oftentimes yelling “Fire” might cause passerby’s to get noticable the specific situation. It can also confuse the assailants or get them to flee whenever they feel they may be seen and law enforcement contacted.

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Keep your valuables in your own possession instead of a thieves’. However, if lost or stolen, your valuables could possibly be recovered in case you have proof and descriptions that police force can track them down with. Take the time to video, photograph or engrave your valuables for the little satisfaction. You never know every time a short amount of time invested will probably pay in the long run.

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