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When traveling on foot be alert to your surroundings. This will lessen the probability of being linked to your life threatening or dangerous situation. Walking with confidence sufficient reason for a timely pace is preferred. Criminals target others who look or work like victims or easy prey. Do not put yourself in a self defense purposes situation simply because you carry yourself in ways that says “I am unsure of myself”. Keep a message in your eyes that says “Leave it alone!”.

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An attack from behind can take place at any time. It is very easy if a person is not looking in direction of the assault. A choke may take various forms and render a person unconscious in short order if your air is cut off. If a victim is attacked from the rear by merely the hands in the attacker, either on the shoulders or about the neck, some slack might be straight-forward.

Flashy or complex techniques aren’t part of the self-defense expert’s repertoire. High kicks or flying techniques are certainly not practical for an encounter in the pub. Although they look good on television or in movies these martial arts techniques can leave the defender off balance and vulnerable. Kicks for the head should just be attempted as soon as the assailants head is a or below the waistline.

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The second method is used if the attacker is wanting a choke. The victim should grab the assailant’s hands. Place the feet firmly on the floor and bend the knees. Quickly and forcefully utilize the legs to improve the hips directly but not sideways. This will force the aggressor to maneuver easy. They will land on their face or head his or her hands are pinned they can not use them to destroy their fall.

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