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So much of fighting techinques training now is meant to prepare for tournament competition. Training for tournament competition results in a false feeling of confidence. The techniques are practiced and learned, but actual contact is often considered illegal. If one never experienced actual contact they’ll have no reference for which to accomplish should they be ever struck. And if they have never had the opportunity to deliver a full force punch or kick, they’ll not know very well what their capabilities are.

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A word of caution when it comes to training with the makiwara. Makiwara training ought to be learned with a qualified instructor. With improper techniques, you may easily injure both your hands or wrists. It is also recommended that children under the age of 18 should not train while using makiwara. The bones and soft tissue in the hands and wrists of kids haven’t fully developed and could be prone to a number of injuries.

Oftentimes using a partial self-defense technique is precisely what it takes to have the attacker back down. The more fighting techinques training one has the greater confident they are plus it shows in how they handle themselves. A quick short kick or slap could be everything is important. In many cases contact may well not be also required. If a strategy is performed before the assailant’s attack it may interrupt their thought processing.

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The second technique is used in the event the attacker is wanting a choke. The victim should grab the assailant’s hands. Place the feet firmly in the grass and bend the knees. Quickly and forcefully utilize legs to increase the hips upright however, not to the side. This will force the aggressor to maneuver straight forward. They will land on their face or head as their hands are pinned they cannot use them to get rid of their fall.

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